235 South Main Street #107
Behind the Hippodrome Theatre
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 373 - 1919
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What is Natural Cooking?

Cucina Casalinga is a special phrase in Italian. It means home cooking—with personal interpretation and creativity. At Amelia’s Cucina Casalinga, Chef Andy Fass brings a fresh approach to traditional Italian cuisine in Gainesville.

Since Italian food can now be found on nearly every corner, when people think of it, they’re most likely to envision only pizza and pasta, or red sauce and olive oil.
And with so many national chains using cooking skills that amount to little more than “thaw, nuke and serve,” many Americans have never tasted true Cucina Casalinga—homestyle Italian cooking-- uniquely interpreted by a skilled chef.
In Amelia’s kitchen, you won’t find a microwave. You’ll see our sauces being made from scratch every day. You’ll find locally grown produce whenever possible. You’ll see every single dish prepared from fresh, raw ingredients and you’ll notice the difference from the very first bite: a fresher, better taste.